Study on the Modern Lacquer Painting in China

Lu Yong

School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University China

Lacquer technology is one of the traditional Chinese crafts with a long history. With the continuous development of lacquer technology, lacquer painting has developed from decorative patterns on utensils to a special kind of independent art. As a new kind of painting, after decades of continuous development, Lacquer painting’s unique artistic language is more varied and has a very broad prospects for development. At present, lacquer painting, like other kinds of paintings, is facing many challenges both in artistic form and artistic technique. Presenting the face of this era with more precise artistic language means that there are essential changes both in creative thinking and in creative methods. The innovation of materials, the change of ideas and the preservation of traditional skills in lacquer painting creation are also the problems that researchers need to think about when they seek the way for the development of modern lacquer painting.

Keywords: lacquer painting art; lacquer materials; cultural spirit; traditional painting

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Yong, L. (2019). Study on the Modern Lacquer Painting in China. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 8(7), 49-55.