Discuss the development and artistry of pictorial photography

Dai Pan

Nanchang Normal University, P.R. China

Since the birth of photography, photography and painting have been closely related. Eastern and Western scholars have been studying the relationship between the two. The collision between painting and photography is an important driving force for the development of modern art. There are many similarities between the two arts, but in some places they have distinct characteristics. Picturesque photography combines some characteristics of photography and painting and is innovative. This study mainly discusses the relationship between photography and painting, the development of pictorial photography and the change of artistic form language and pictorial photography in the information age. Photography has had a tremendous impact on the art of painting, which has given birth to new ideas for the transformation of traditional paintings. The development of pictorial photography has also seen a new direction for the photography industry. Hundreds of fang and diversity are still trends in modern and future art. Pictorial photography will, in the future efforts of the family, jump out of the shackles of mechanical reproduction, making photography more free and beautiful.

Keywords: art, pictorial photography, painting

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Pan, D. (2019). Discuss the development and artistry of pictorial photography. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 8(8), 93-99.