Cultural Research on Mobile Phone Photography

Liu Hao

School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University China

Mobile platform with intelligent mobile phone as the typical representative, has become the most common and popular photography shooting tools, at the same time with the wireless network, the paper medium of photography, communication and influence is quite different from the traditional. Using mobile phone photo quality and professional camera is almost the same as the way of viewing, photography is no longer a paper-based media, but with the screen, more critical and different from the professional camera, image via mobile phone access, realized the real-time transmission, can instantly make people around the world can see the pictures the photography, beyond any historical period, but at the same time, photography as a visual expression of art, but disappeared in the image of the ocean, but became a visual information alone. In connection with the mobile phone and the history of photography, photography system of intelligent mobile phone current were studied of technology and culture, that the current mobile platform mobile phone hand made photography has become the most popular cultural activities, but also on the photography as a visual communication media and art forms a threat.

Keywords: mobile phone, screen, digit, photography, information, media

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Hao, L. (2019). Cultural Research on Mobile Phone Photography. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 8(10), 13-18.