Analysis of Lord of the Flies Based on the Theme of Human Evil

Yuelin Guo

School of Foreign Languages, Northwest Polytechnical University, Xi’an city, Shaaxi province, China

Since its publication, Lord of the Flies has been internationally renowned. Unlike the previous desert island novels, Lord of the Flies has made great breakthroughs in form and theme, and become a sensational and literary masterpiece. This article explores Golding’s view of human nature on the post-war world with the theme of human evil in Lord of the Flies. Golding reminded people to face the evil of human nature, guard against the fragility of democracy, pay attention to the natural ecology, call for moral concern in scientific rationality, and call on people to regain their faith. Only then can humanity emerge from the spiritual crisis and survival predicament of the new century.

Keywords: Human evil, desert island literature, tragedy, human nature

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Guo, Y. (2019). Analysis of Lord of the Flies Based on the Theme of Human Evil. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 8(8), 100-108.